Coming Soon: Project 365

So tomorrow marks the beginning of my Project 365, which is basically a photo a day.  This is to force me to shoot daily and in turn improve my photography.  I’m nervous, intimidated but excited and anxious.

Picture of Camera

Photography Gear

Still some kinks to work out.  Should I upload and link from flickr vs. directly on the site.  Theme’s, focuses, self containing project 52, etc.  So, so many things.  But its living art so we shall see.

Here we go!

What the holiday’s mean to me: Food

Food defines the holidays.  NYE: drinks! Valentines day: chocolate, and lots of it preferably.  Fourth of July: Barbecues and cook outs, Halloween: Candy, Thanksgiving: Turkey and stuffing, Christmas: Egg Nog and Ham.  I don’t know why, my brain just works that way.  This Christmas was no different.  Here is a look at some of my indulgences:

Currently still culling  images of family, you know with real people in them.  Coming soon!